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Welcome to PT. HUSHAN Creative


The current modern technology is bring various changes in life. Technology increase is felt in various areas, especially in industrial areas. Computer technology needs become the main requirements for smoothness and efficiency in the management of the business/companies.

PT. Hushan Creative was founded on the basis of their desire to help companies in terms of IT needs/computer’s tools and support facilities. We always try to responsive and innovative to the latest technology to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productiveness as long as IT’s world are developing quickly.


Become a leading IT company and concern in making the IT products and services as the current solution, including integration, synergistic, professional and sustainable so as a satisfy client and stakeholders.


- Develop the competitive industrial IT products.
- Lead the professionalism and teamwork in making a quality services.
- Provide the best services for clients.
- Develop teamwork and mutually profitable business partnerships.
- Develop the best current technology innovation in every products.
- Increase profit and adds value for clients and stakeholders.


our latest projects

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Software Development - Setup and Implementasi SinarSYS ERP in PT. Hitachi Chemical - Karawang
Setup and Installation CCTV with IP Camera in PT.IKPI - Cikarang - Jawa Barat
Visitor Management System
Software Development - Setup and Implementasion Visitor Management in PT. Lintas Arta - Jakarta
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